Long Distance record

F-one blitzing it again, Delta C shape kites powered Raphael Salles and team across the sea to set a new record for ocean crossing with kite.

Kite crossing record

Long Distance between Saint Tropez and Calvi: 207 km in 5 h 30

Average speed over 20 nautical mph almost 38 km/h

When F-one patented the Delta C kite a few years ago initial testing immediately indicated its incredible performance potential. To prove it Rapha'l Salles F-one originator and kitesurfer extroidinaire set out to capture the distance kitesurf speed record. And on 24 th July 2007, accompanied by Marc Blanc and Sylvain Maurain he eclipsed the previous record of Manu Bertin (6h30) for kitesurfing from St Tropez to Calvi.

All their Physical and mental stamina was required along with their revolutionary Delta kites to beat this extreme tough challenge. Together with a 9m RIB chase boat they braved rough open ocean and back leg burn for an epic kitesurf record.  


-          Kites : F-one 7,5 m2 Bandit

-          Board : 205 cm long and 45 cm wide custom F-one directional

-          GPS : with 4 elements : speed max, instant speed, distance travelled, time since the start

Anyone who has tried to kite at top speed for more than a few minutes will appreciate the effort and skill this record represents. Not to mention the significant risks of wild open ocean crossings. Its a rare breed who take on the elements at that level and a rare kite they rely on. Not long after the same kite went on to claim the kitesurf world speed record adding another chapter to kitesurf history.

Here in Australia there have been several crossing attempts, usually between islands and the mainland such as Green island to Cairns. Kiting way out in the open ocean is a great sensation but can be dangerous. If your inspired to attempt a crossing be sure you take all safety precautions very seriously. And tell us all about it, its a great way to promote the sport.

24-May-09 5:07PM