BUY NOW REDpaddle inflatable SUP

REDpaddleco shop online is your onestop shop   20-Oct 12:38PM

RED Air Inflatable board paddlesurf

Perfect for the family, friends, and fun on the water   6-Feb 2:29PM

RED Air Inflatable FAQ

More info about the amazine Red Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards on sale at   24-Jan 8:54PM

REDpaddle Titan pump

Exclusive to Red Air this pump is the real deal   28-Aug 4:58AM


Foilboarding FAQ

2007 Foilboarding FAQ courtesy Australias first kiter and kitefoilboarder Mat Colefax   15-Jan 12:38AM

Product archives

2013 Bandit6 F-one kite

The One kite.   30-Sep 6:41PM

2013 F-one bamboo surf pro-kiteboards

With a new construction, subtly tuned shapes and the magic F-one touch this is the board to be on.   5-Aug 3:29AM

2013 F-one surfboard 5'11 bamboo

Bringing the awesome F-one shapes and technology to you at a far better price!   27-Jul 7:45PM

2013 F-one Twintip board range

from the first company in the world to market kiteboards   27-Aug 2:42AM

2015 F-one Twintip

2015 F-one Twintip range for you   23-Aug 4:22AM

2015 Manera EXO harness

Harnesses and other accessories from F-one   27-Mar 1:56AM

F-one 2012 Bandit5 kite

One kite for all and all for one kite. F-one's latest incarnation of their patented Delta C design.   15-Nov 5:11AM

F-one 2012 package - Volt kite and Next kiteboard

The wave weapon, Volt is the intermediate and super steady low aspect version of the famous F-one Bandit kite. Next twintips are the perfect value twintip board to go with the Volt kite.   23-Aug 1:52PM

F-one 2014 race paddles for S.U.P

When only the best will do   24-Oct 4:09AM

F-one 2014 Racepro carbon S.U.P

You want speed, style, prestige. You need F-one racepro carbon. One hell of a board.   18-Nov 3:53AM

F-one 2016

The complete collection 2016 F-one.   16-Aug 1:36AM

F-one 2016 Bandit9 kite

9 years that we succeed with this infamous kite   19-Aug 10:45AM

F-one accessories and add ons

Bolt on bits to bling up your F-one kit.   27-Nov 8:56PM

F-one Airlite control bar

The all alloy airlite control bar from F-one kites. Unbreakable, direct control with fingertip precision.   28-Nov 10:01PM

F-one assembly and tuning

VIDEO tips and tricks to assemble and tune your F-one gear for maximum effect.   4-Jan 10:44PM

F-one Bamboo StandUpPaddle

F-one are after the same top position in sup as they have in kites. You will be amazed at these boards.   27-Nov 8:11PM

F-one Boardcovers

The ultimate boardcovers for you   28-Feb 3:30AM

F-one Matira inflatable SUP

Indestructible, super safe, comfortable and convenient. For travel, family fun and everyday use. Matira inflatables are the answer.   17-Jul 3:22AM

F-one Source supkite

Now ride every day (you want to) with F-one Source standup kite   6-Oct 3:26PM

F-one Tshirt MX wet & dry

Purpose built kiteboarding apparell.   8-Jan 8:55PM

Foilboard Carbon Carafino

The 1st carbon foilboard, Carafino produce a premium product.   16-Sep 3:57PM

Free movie downloads

Full length videos online   3-Jan 9:03PM

Manera accessories 2016

Manera is the ultim8 lifestyle accesories range for kite and SUP enthusiasts   2-Sep 1:45PM

Manera accessories by F-one

A new and exciting range of accessories and luggage from F-one!   16-Feb 6:37PM

Manera Apparel 2015

Awesome apparell by the emerging MANERA brand !   10-Dec 12:20AM

Wipika - discontinued

Airblast Pro 10th anniversary edition

The long awaited new release from the 1st kiteboarding Co.   15-Nov 5:38PM

XM8 boards - all Hibern8 till further notice.

DEK kiteboards

Ultim8 quality and performance   19-Jan 9:39PM

M8 Beaver Surfboard

unstrapped surf specific kiteboard   17-Aug 7:06AM

M8 DEKlite board

Get a great kite session in next to no wind   3-Nov 8:33PM

M8 Ultim8 Stand Up Paddle

Our Ultim8 board for SUP enthusiasts   23-Nov 10:17PM